Thursday, 22 December 2011

Gerard Butler Cheated Death

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler who was shooting a surfing stunt for his new movie in California escaped death. The 42 years old hunk actor was rushed to the nearby hospital since he was trapped underwater after being hit by a succession of waves in the sea.

Butler who has been training all summer on the coast to recover the six packs physique he developed for the movie 300. The accident happened at the infamous Northern California surf spot, south of San Fransisco.
Gerard was eventually caught in a 12feet wave on Sunday. As soon as this happened he was pulled from the water onto a jet ski, brought to shore and was rushed to a nearby hospital by ambulance. He was held down by four to five waves which hit him on the head. A website quoted eye witness surfer Frank Quirarte as saying. "It was really huge waves that hit him and I'm glad that he is okay" said Frank.

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