Friday, 16 December 2011

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Review

Tom Cruise in MI 4

Cast : Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton , Anil Kapoor

Director : Brad Bird

Action : This is so far the most intense and grittier mission. The story revolves around a terrorist bombing which destroys the Kremlin while Impossible Mission Force(IMF) agent Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise) is carrying out an undercover operation in Moscow.
The Russian government calls this attack "an undeclared act of war". This makes the US Govt. authorities to initiate an Operation known as the "Ghost Protocol" disbanding the Force. Ethan Hunt and his team member now have to do this undercover to clear their organisation's name. Thus this leads to the story.


  1. I have heard nothing but great reviews for this movie. I am not a Cruise fan in general, but there's no questions he makes some terrific films.

  2. he does indeed ..i saw the movie recently and the action scenes were jaw dropping !