Sunday, 18 December 2011

Samantha Walks Out Of a Movie

Recently Tollywood Bellamkonda Suresh(producer) complained that Samantha walked out of his film after having signed the contract. The producer called for a producers' council to sort out the issue. While asked suresh about this matter he said "Sam wasn't allotting dates for his film, the actress cited unacceptable changes in the script as the reason for her quitting the film."

But if sources are to be believed After Director Nandini Reddy confirmed Siddharth as the lead actor, the original script underwent a dramatic change. It seems Sid allegedly did not like Samanthas character in the film which was allegedly overriding his character in the movie and Sid insisted on few changes in the script and Nandini succumbed to the pressure. Apparently, Samantha was advised by Nandini to do the film.

The fast raising actress said that she was ready to do the film if the original script is being kept in mind and started with the movie, If not the actress was otherwise ready to return the advance money too.

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