Saturday, 10 December 2011

Zac Efron Says Kissing Pfeiffer Wasn't Easy

Hollywood Actor Zac Efron in a recent interview said kissing his New Year's Eve co-star Michelle Pfeiffer on screen wasn't easy.
Zac Efron who is 24 years old adds that locking lips with the 53-year old actress didn't go as smoothly as he had hoped.

He said "Those stuff are best to do spontaneous. Have fin and be in the moment. I definitely thought about how it was going to do down. In my mind,
 the way I pictured it, it was going to be perfect, very romantic, very leading man."

Then of course, as we went to film it, right when I went to dip her, a huge piece of confetti went straight into my mouth. I didn't want to
finish the kiss like that, so I spit and went for it. That's actually in the movie," he stated.


  1. I guess it's been a long time since catwoman, because I didn't realize how old Pfeiffer is!

  2. haha..pfeiffer is 53 years old now.. can u imagine that