Monday, 2 January 2012

Arulnithi's Silent Success

Arulnithi's latest release Mouna Guru which got only few theaters for screening the movie has now got 35-40 theaters more to screen the film. The movie won rave reviews from the critics, fans and audience and is running to packed halls.

On a recent interview the actor has said that "It is nice to learn that there are about 35-40 theaters more where Mouna Guru is being screened and there is increased number of shows not just in the city, but in other parts of the states as well," and also added that "Earlier due to the release of Rajapattai and Christmas coinciding Mouna Guru could not be screened in theatres. Now I am happy that the screens increased and also the film is doing well.
I couldn't ask for more this year." he said.

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