Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sameera Reddy's Bank Account Hacked

Sameera Reddy
Actress Sameera Reddy has taken a vow this year that she will stop doing any online transactions and will not use credit/debit cards. The reason behind taking such a vow is because a month ago her account was hacked and the hacker actually called her by looking at her name from the account he hacked to tell her the same.

When questioned about this the actress said "It was a funny, yet frightening experience," she said, "Recently some one kept calling me from an unknown number the whole day so i picked it up. For my surprise it was the hacker. He actually called me to say that he was a hacker of Indian origin based in the US and that he along with his friends had just hacked my credit card account. I was confused at first, didnt knew how to react, soon after checking my account balance, I realised that what the hacker said was true and that almost 4 lakhs rupees had been withdrawn without my knowledge from my account."

The hacker then told Sameera that he would refund the money that he had taken but could not do anything about the amount that his other hacker friends had withdrawn. After hacking he casually looked at the account holders name, its then when realised that it was an celebrity's account. Since he was a fan of Sameera Reddy and enjoyed watching her on screen, he accepted to return his share of money.

"I was reserved when he said that at first but after getting to know that he had really reimbursed one lakh into my account, I didn't know how what to do or how to react," says Sameera Reddy, she added saying that "In fact, he even gave me tips on where and how to use my credit cards and told me few advice about how online transactions were not safe." Now the actress feels that shopping online is never completely safe and she prefer personal purchases from now on."

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