Friday, 6 January 2012

Simbu and Jiiva Sort It Out

STR, who is doing justice to his recently released Love Anthem for World Peace, seems to be spreading love. Yes, Simbu who reportedly is not sharing good vibes with Actor Jiiva, wished him for his birthday online.

Last few months, the two actors were not seeing eye to eye, which we can say some sort of catfight due to the fact that Jiiva's "Ko" which Simbu had walked out of, became a blockbuster. And Jiiva's role in Nanban was initially offered to Simbu in Nanban. To add fire to the fuel, Jiiva also told that Simbu was not his friend and even Simbu's frined Actor Jai went on to hit out on Jiiva.

Right now, it seems the fuzz between the two actors is finally over after STR wishing Jiiva for his birthday on his micro-blogging site, "Happy birthday brother :) Nanban trailer is rocking and you look great. All the very best for the film !" And Jiiva replied to it saying "Thanks a lot mate. Happy you liked the trailer C ya soon"

Looks like the ego between the two actors is finally over and all is well.


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