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Vettai Review

Vettai Review
Vettai starring Arya, Madhavan, Sameera Reddy, Amala Paul, Thambi Ramaiya and others, and Hindi actor Ashutosh Rana who is making his Tamil movie debut as a villain.

The movie starts with Madhavan in his childhood days trying to play fair with a boy who is not accepting his fault and beats him up. Madhavan(as kid) goes to Arya(as kid) crying to complain about this to his brother, who then comes furiously and asks who hit my brother. Then this tough kid says "it was me, what are you going to do about it," as soon as hearing this, he gushes forward and beats him.

Now you can guess the story line, whenever Madhavan gets in some sort of trouble, Arya comes for the rescue. As they grow up, their father who is a Cop dies. Now Arya forces Madhavan to take up that Job as a cop, which he accepts nodding his head.

As Maddy joins as a cop, In his first day he sees a Murder right in front of the police station, by Ashutosh Rana's gang. Cops don't do anything as they are scared to take any actions against them. Opposing this gang is another gang, who previously worked with Ashutosh. So basically, these two gangs rule over that town.

When Maddy gets his first assignment to rescue a child who has been kidnapped by Ashutosh rivalry gang. Maddy calls Arya for help, now Arya goes alone and rescues the child at the same time covering up his face with a hood(to avoid his face being seen by the gang members while fighting them). This continues for sometime, and Arya meets Sameera in a Temple when he hits her new bike without seeing it and they both fight over it. Amala paul is Sameera's sister, who later falls for Arya. Meanwhile Arya, goes to find a bride for his brother and goes to Sameera's house and he is shocked, but this goes fine as Arya convinces Maddy and Maddy and Sameera end up getting married, while Arya who moves to their house along Maddy is romancing Amala Paul. As this goes on.

The villain finds out that it's Arya who has been fighting for his brother, so they try and kill Madhavan, Arya finds out that his brother is being attacked and he saves him from danger. Now, Maddy being a kind man is trained to be a "Real Man" by asking him to fight, train and act like a real police man by Arya. Now they target the Villain and fight back together. In the end, Ashutosh Rana, he himself takes weapon in his hand and goes to their house to try and kill them, which is then saved by Arya in the end.

Overall, the movie is a commercial hit with all sorts of Comedy, Romance, Dance, Sentiment and so on. We can give it a 3 out of 5.

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