Saturday, 24 December 2011

Strict Actions Against Samantha and Tamanna

The latest we hear is that Tollywood Directors are taking a troll on Actress like Samantha and Tamanna for messing up with their call sheets and for not turning back in time for shootings. Unlike Kollywood where the producers and directors go soft on actress, the neighbouring Tollwood is not doing so.

Actress Samantha who violated her agreement with producer Suresh for various reasons. Now the sources say that she had received the advance amount in the month of march and had promised to allot dates for August and September the film in which she was cast opposite Siddharth. Now, however she backed out claiming that she had already allotted dates for a movie with Mahesh Babu. But in actuality it seems she backed out of the project because the original script told to her has been changed now.

Meanwhile Tamanna was accused of taking on three films without dates to spare properly.
A movie committee comprising of few people from the industry reportedly called them and warned them to get their act right. Hope the actress know what they are doing.

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