Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Dhanush Signs His First Bollywood Flick

The Latest news in B-town is that, Dhanush has been signed by Director Aanand L Rai for his film. The director said that, "I've been looking for the past six months, for a simple boy to play the lead in Raanjhnaa. My main focus was to get a man who would look vulnerable on screen. After watching Dhanush's Aadukalam. I liked him immediately. In that movie he looks very ordinary and honest, and that was the thing i was looking for in my lead character and I thought Dhanush would be perfect."

When quizzed about this to Dhanush and about his language problem, he said "The problem is not language. It's culture. I will learn the culture and the language will come automatically" said the actor.

Well, Looks like all is well for this actor. Even before the number "Why This Kolaveri Di" hit the screens, looks like the actor has been going places.


  1. Good for Dhanush! That's all I can say regarding his new hindi movie. But, I wanted to address some of the north/south divide comments, for people who are saying it's only in people's minds and that Tamilians are the only ones to be at fault are completely wrong. The fact of the matter is, this is a multi-cultural/multi-lingual country, and all we should have as common medium of language is English period. I am not going to force you to learn Tamil and I won't let you tell me that I should learn Hindi. That's not to say that I wouldn't learn Hindi if I had genuine interest in learning a new language, but I would never want to be forced to because that's the "national language". There's just lot more animosity both ways in terms of TN, because we weren't going roll over and say, let Hindi be shoved down our throats even if don't like it, like Andhra, Karnataka, etc. Let's take Doordarshan for example during the 80s/90s instead of it being a local thing, all most the entire programming was in Hindi and if we were lucky they would translate some of that to worst kind of Tamil. Also, things have changed for the better as the country as developed, but before there was very much the North first mentality absolutely. Sorry, maybe you don't know this or you weren't like that, but it was actually the case and we generally forced the rest of India to look to us because of our economic strength and the sheer nature of our society. I am not saying that politicians in our state don't take advantage of us by using language as a wedge issue, they did do it , but that wouldn't take away from the fact there were genuine issues at hand regarding federalism. I welcome different kinds of people to our state, and hope that you's see our openness to different cultures and languages who call TN home. In fact our present CM is not from our state, but from Karnataka originally, and previously MGR was from Kerala so there you have it, as long as you ready to do good for TN and it's people all are welcome in the state.

  2. Hey Anand,

    Well said. Its true, u cant force any one to do something, unless or until they are interested. Its only the people's mentality.